Murali Selvaraj

Murali Selvaraj started Visual Media Technologies in the year 2007. He was inspired by the technology and the possibilities it brings to people.

His goal, vision and dream has been to build that gap between the immense technical possibilities and desparate needs of people, businesses and organizations. Murali has an excellent exposure to emerging technology. He constantly identifies technical advancements and has an innate ability to connect such advancements to every day needs of his audience.

Here is the reason for his success. He is quite fast with his R&D, quite nimble to adopt to the changing needs, and absolutely professional to take the right steps to arrive at solutions. Today, Murali is a seasoned professional with hands – on experience to develop excellent solutions.

He is able to conceive unique, cost-effective and practical solutions for not just MNC’s and large corporates, but also for the common man, whose needs are hardly addressed by the technology companies. That is his vision and his goal and he strives to achieve it.

Murali holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, and is a certified Microsoft professional.